About Piccanin Clothing

Their fair trade children's clothing is made by an empowerment group called the Wildlife Co-operative. Their commitment to human dignity and the planet ensures that they provide you with an ethically made item that children love. Each and every design is is inspired by the fun and vibrancy of Africa, with an emphasis on durability. Funny animal faces on comfortable playwear, combined with interactive elements on the clothing entertain little ones for hours.


Hooligans Kids Clothing design and manufacture animal themed and authentic South African children's clothing in 100% African cotton. Creative ideas make this clothing fun at a remarkably affordable cost.


Hooligans Kids Clothing are passionate about about children's safety. Because babies put everything in their mouths, buttons are extra secured and poppers are attached with a special pneumatic stud machine. Studs have been approved lead free according to the new CPSC requirments. Newborn babies skin is delicate so fabrics contain no harmful chemicals. Nickel can also cause an allergic reaction that's why they only use nickel free studs and poppers